As the seller in a multiple-offer situation, you are ultimately in control. Here’s what you need to know.

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There are a few things that sellers need to know about handling multiple-offer situations.

When your property receives multiple offers there’s no doubt that you are ultimately in control. However, there are still some important steps to follow.

First off, your agent should be contacting the buyers’ lenders to make sure that their finances are in order.

“Make sure that you are looking only at the strongest buyers”

This will make sure that you are looking only at the strongest buyers, who will be able to close on time.

Using a multiple counter offer sets each buyer on a different stage. Ideally a buyer’s offer should meet your goals as well as theirs. You should also remember the following tips in your multiple counter offer.

Go with the buyer who puts the most amount of earnest money down, shorten the period for the response time, and also remove any contingencies.

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