When you list with us, we offer a home warranty free for six months. There are a few reasons why having a home warranty is important.

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When listing your house, there are a few reasons I recommend you get a home warranty.

One of the primary reasons I recommend this is because when you list your house with us, you get free coverage for the first six months of warranty.

We do this so that if anything happens, you won’t have to worry. Having a home warranty isn’t just a good preventative measure, though— it also helps with the inspection process.

When you have a home inspection company come in to examine the items on your property prior to a buyer seeing the home, you’ll be able to fix any issues on your own terms. If you catch problems before a buyer is able to find them themselves, the process becomes much easier and can often be less costly.


Another good reason to have a warranty is because we advertise to the buyer that there will be a year of warranty in place at close of escrow. This offer gives buyers a sense of assuredness. It lets them feel confident that they will be able to enter your property without fear of problems.

Also, if you have a warranty and anything does break in your home, you’re only going to pay a small $59 deductible to have it repaired.

For example, let’s say the compressor on your air conditioning suddenly stopped working. With as hot as our summers are, that sort of issue would be a pain both physically and financially. Without a home warranty, that kind of repair could cost thousands.

If you have any other questions or would like more information, feel free to give me a call or send me an email. I look forward to hearing from you soon.