Why should you have a home inspection before closing a property?

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Home inspections are one of the most important parts of buying a house. There are many reasons why, but the most important is to look for any deal killers.

Your inspector will focus on things like mold, a leaky roof, or plumbing problems. You don’t want to waste your time negotiating for cosmetic issues like dings on the wall. The home inspection is done to unveil any issues that would cost you tens of thousands of dollars in repairs after closing on the home.

When you hire a home inspector, make sure that they have a lot of experience. Ideally, your inspector will carry some type of liability insurance, as well as omission insurance.


Home inspections are a big part of the real estate transaction. In Arizona, you have 10 days from the time your contract is accepted to complete the inspection. Once the inspection is complete, the seller has five days to respond to any of your repair requests.

If your home inspection reveals too many deal killers or the seller is not willing to negotiate, you also have the option to walk away from the deal.

Whether you are buying a resale property or a new construction property, I absolutely recommend that you hire a home inspector. I’ll explain more about home inspections on new homes later. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give me a call. I would be happy to help you!