Should you hire a home inspector even if you’re building a brand-new home? Absolutely!

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If you’re in the market to buy a new construction home, you may think that a home inspection will be unnecessary because you are the first person to live in the home. While it is true that you’ll be the first person to live in that home, home inspections are still necessary for any kind of home purchase.

I bought a new home a few years ago and ended up finding many things wrong with the home while it was being built. I had to call some things to the attention of the contractor. In Phoenix, contractors usually hire subcontractors for all phases of the construction, including the foundation, framing, electrical, plumbing, and roof.

The biggest problem with subcontractors is that many of them are unskilled. In the past we had professional carpenters building these homes; today you may have someone building it who has only been on the job for a few months.


Lumber quality is another thing that can cause problems when buying a new home. In my home, they had to replace 52 pieces of lumber after constructing the frame because the wood was split, cracked, or warped.

Hiring a home inspector during the process will give you great peace of mind. They will come out to the build site several times during the process to ensure that everything is being constructed properly. Right before closing, they will do a final inspection and catch anything else that might be wrong. One year after closing escrow, it’s a good idea to have them come out again to make sure everything is holding up correctly.

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